Saturday, March 25, 2006

Smith Family Racing

A newer family in the jet car ranks came a few years ago, Mark & Sheila Smith. Mark, Sheila and their two sons toured the U.S. based out of Missouri. The Wild Thing is a GE J-85 powered dragster. After running the car for a couple of seasons, they freshened it up with a new paint job and a new name, Air Force 1.

The beautifully painted car was not to be for long. At the Citrus Nationals in Florida, Ancel Horton driving the Mississippi Madman J-60 powered dragster and a failure. Ancel's car hit Mark's in the drivers compartment just past the finishline. Both cars were destroyed, Ancel had minor injuries, but Mark was severly beat up.

While recupperating, the Smith's were already building the new Air Force 1. By the time the season started Mark was recovered and back racing.


Anonymous car sale said...

Awesome pictures. The whole family is into racing? I wish my family would be interested in racing as well, but we are not close to any track so we only get to feel the rush playing video games and watching races.

11:59 PM  

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