Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sammy Miller

I should have made this the Jet & Rocket Archive. The two types of vehicles were always the step child of the racing associtations.

But growing up with the exhibition classes, They were always side by side. We hung out together, travel together, and helped each other.

Sammy was always fun to hang out with, even as a kid! When Sammy & my Dad went to England to run the rockets side by side, there were all kinds of stories coming home.

Sammy would do things just to see if it would work or if he could get away with it. I will post more pictures of him. Sammy is definitely missed by a lot of people all around the world!

Jet Car Archive

I wanted to create a spot for Jet Car history. A place where all the stories, photo, and memories can be posted for everyone to read.

I will be posting photo's of all the cars I can find and where a photographer's credit can be made I will. If you know who's photo it is, email me so they can get credit.

Send me any story, photo, graphic, press clippings from the jets and I will post it.

I want to create the most up to date link for the jets also.

Thanks and enjoy...